2007 D3 M47 Turbo/Engine ? Issue Help plea.

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2007 D3 M47 Turbo/Engine ? Issue Help plea.

Post by RichieReckless » Wed Feb 07, 2024 1:17 am

Hi Everyone, I've never posted here before so apologies if I leave something crucial out.

I have a 2007 D3 With the M47, I used a Redex Diesel engine cleaner, hopped on the road and then all of sudden my engine was revving as hard as it could and black smoke filled every lane on the road. The engine then wouldn't start and I had to get recovered back to my house and upon arrival the tow truck driver was kind enough to let me know that he thought it was my turbo that was gone due to the oil and debris that was ejected from my exhaust.

I don't have the money to take it to get looked at right now so I bought a few different code readers online to see what kind of error codes I would get back. I didn't see any specifically relating to the turbo but I got a few other ones that I don't have enough knowledge to interpret and be able to say they are because of the turbo.

I got my engine running to see if maybe the problem was the diesel engine cleaner I put in and so maybe it just needed some more time to run through my engine. While I was letting the engine run I decided to accelerate to 1k RPM and it was fine, cool. I went a little higher to 2.5k RPM and then once again just like on the road, the engine went ballistic and the car was redlining and bringing every one of my neighbours to their windows. I couldn't turn the engine off during this and after what seemed like an eternity (15 seconds or so) the engine turned off.

So my predicament is that the place I know of that does turbo rebuilds, they just want the turbo itself and they don't remove it and I don't have the money to pay someone to remove it for me so its on me to get it done. It may also be worth mentioning that I do not have a DPF anymore and it's been mapped to run without it.

So My questions are the following:

1. How can I determine if it is in fact the turbo that needs replaced? Ideally without to much disassembly.
2. What could be the problem instead?

Thank you in advance for your time and help! I'm going to list the error codes that I did get below along with some other possibly relevant details.

These ones I received after the first redline/driving incident

4B10 - Smooth Running Regulation -Correction Quantity too High
4293 - Control Unit Internal Error 16 Recovery Locked
4B90 - Rail Pressure Control at Engine Start
49F2 - Message : Vehicle Speed
49F3 - Message : Vehicle Speed
3EFB - Thermal Oil Level Sensor
4677 - Throttle Valve Actuator
3F77 - Boost Pressure Modulator 1
4302 - Quantity Regulation Valve – Activation interrupted
4232 - Glow Plug Cyl 3 – Activation Interrupted
4222 - Glow Plug Cyl 2 – Activation Interrupted
3EC0 - Camshaft Sensor – No Signal
4226 - Lambda Sensor -Signal too Low
4242 - Glow Plug Cyl 4 – Activation Interrupted

These ones I received after I had made the engine redline and then shutoff for the second time.

- P0336 - Crankshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance
- 4587 - Fuel Filter
- 3E91 - Crankshaft RPM
- 9CBC Central module (in driver's footwell) (FRM):
Junction box (passenger) (JBBF):
A6DE - A6CF - JBE: AUC sensor
A6D1 - JBE: auxiliary water pump

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Re: 2007 D3 M47 Turbo/Engine ? Issue Help plea.

Post by 128 » Wed Feb 07, 2024 4:26 pm

Hi There

I have a similar era D3 that spent the first half of last year in the shop having the turbo rebuilt.

The first i knew that the turbo was blown was the occasional plume of black smoke whist driving while the engine ran badly as it was essentially running on oil not diesel.

My Carly presented the phone book of error codes. None turbo specific.

The first shop i took it too wanted circa £4k for a new turbo, the second said they knew an "old man" who could rebuild the turbo but it would take as long as it took at about ½ the price i'd been quoted. They removed the turbo, sent it away and had my car in their lot the entire time. When they got the turbo back they found that the Alpina oil feed pipe had been damaged (and this probably did the initial damage to the turbo) and ordered one with an 8 week lead time.....

Within weeks of getting the car back the charge pipe developed a split with another 6-8 week lead time.

My advice is that this takes longer than you expect and that if there is an Alpina part that you think needs replacing / has a reasonable cost treat it as a consumable at the start of the process and get it on order ASAP.

My turbo rebuild wasn't the time consuming part of the process in hindsight.

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Re: 2007 D3 M47 Turbo/Engine ? Issue Help plea.

Post by RichieReckless » Thu Feb 08, 2024 6:28 pm

Hey, thanks for taking the time to tell me about your experience I wish I could get ahead of the labour and order parts in advance, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to properly diagnose the problem myself which is what I am aiming to do right now.

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Re: 2007 D3 M47 Turbo/Engine ? Issue Help plea.

Post by P14KLE » Mon Feb 12, 2024 12:09 pm

Your engine 'ran away' on oil rather than diesel when it revved to redline and you couldnt switch it off!!. Very scary and you will be lucky if it hasnt done any lasting damage...

The M47 type engine uses the valve cover as part of the engines CCV (Crankcase ventilation) system. The Valve cover gasket goes hard and brittle after time, and this causes the turbo boost pressure to pressurise the engine and push oil from the sump round the CCV circuit and into the Turbo Inlet. The whole intercooler network, inlet manifold etc will be full of oil and the car will run on using this oil as fuel..

If you are lucky, you could get away with replacing the Valve Cover gasket, CCV valve, flushing out the inlet manifold, boost pipes, intercooler and turbo inlet pipe along with and oil and filter change (oil level will prob be low now) and the car might be fine.

Turbos often get blamed for these symptoms, but it can be the Valve Cover gasket at fault in these engine type cases too.

Hope this helps.

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