D5 Bi Turbo

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D5 Bi Turbo

Post by NazKhan33 » Sun May 08, 2022 10:18 pm

Hi all

I'm looking to get into ALPINA ownership and need any help and guidance on the D5 Bi Turbo.

Are there any specifics to look out for (year 2012)?

Any advise will be much appreciated...



The Hybrid
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Re: D5 Bi Turbo

Post by The Hybrid » Tue May 10, 2022 1:23 am

I purchased mine last year.

I was looking at D3’s initially but the one I wanted went and I ended up getting a D5 as there’s more legroom in the back.

Anyway, get the following options if you can.

A pro nav which is the wider screen sat nav as opposed to one with a business nav. If you get a newer model, you should try and get one with the Next Big Thing (NBT) as opposed to the CiC version which I got with mine. The NBT just looks newer and fresher where as the CiC versions are starting to look dated. The CiC ones still connect to your phone and streams music but the sat nav is a little out of date.

Get one with a reserve cam which is very useful for a car of its size. Sunroof is always a nice bonus.

To be honest, most D5 are well specced some come with lane recognition and HUDs but these features are more like nice to haves than essentials.

Of course, make sure it has a service history and do a vehicle history/MOT check.

Do all the usual pre car inspection checks and I wouldn’t be worry about the mileage to much. Mines just gone over 100,000 and it’s still runs like a dream.

The only problem I’ve had is with tyres which might be a brexit/covid problem. I got some Michelin Pilot Sport 4s for the back but come to get some from the front as they are a different size and I can get any, anywhere. I’ve even rang Michelin who says they are waiting for some to come from Europe but they have no dates. I’ve manage to find a set of new Pilot Sport 4 (Not the s models!) from a seller on EBay. Could have got some from Black Circle but they had the W rated and not Y like the ones one a D5 should be.

Unfortunately I’m no expert but from what I know, the engines are rock solid and providing it’s been serviced, you shouldn’t have a problem.

I absolutely love mine, it’s my daily driver. The only downside is that I don’t do enough miles in it but always look for an excuse to take it out. They pull superbly no matter what speed you are doing and are very economical on long journeys.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you got one.

Let us know if and when you purchase and good luck. 👍
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Re: D5 Bi Turbo

Post by Frosty » Tue May 10, 2022 5:28 pm

I have an F11 flavour D5 not LCI, but has a couple of nice options, like LSD, pan roof, towbar and Active Cruise.

I got the car as second owner at 116k miles and is now approaching 130k. I would say as with any car, check for a solid history with main or good independent dealers.

My car is still going strong, no signs of issues other than normal consumables for a car now 10 years old and 130k on the clock.

With not many tourers in the UK, you may end up waiting a while if that is what you need, otherwise the F10's do pop up more frequently. Just saw on FB that #156 is back up for sale - nice looker in Alpina Green.
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Re: D5 Bi Turbo

Post by Marc 76 » Tue May 10, 2022 8:02 pm

To add to the replies above, watch out for corrosion coming through on the tops of the doors.
Particularly the upper front corner of the front doors just under the wing mirrors.

This may be able to be resolved via BMW under their anti corrosion warranty as some people have successfully had done, but it is something to watch out for.

Also worth getting right underneath (even wheels off) to check the shock absorbers for leaks too, being adaptive units they are not cheap to replace.

Good luck in your search!
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Re: D5 Bi Turbo

Post by NazKhan33 » Thu May 26, 2022 3:12 pm

Many thanks guys, I will post up when I get the right car....

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