FOR SALE: 2014 Alpina D3 Biturbo, #84

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FOR SALE: 2014 Alpina D3 Biturbo, #84

Post by Spanny » Mon Mar 28, 2022 11:18 pm

This is a big moment for me…I’m selling the Alpina. It’s been a good while since I posted on here having been more active in the old Facebook forums; it’s a shame it has to be because I’m moving my pride and joy on!

FOR SALE: 2014 Alpina D3 Biturbo; No. 84; 77,858 miles; black sapphire with coral red interior; 20” classic alloys; BMW Pro Nav; sunroof.


Full BMW Service History as pictured; MOT Feb 2023. All paperwork and history included, plus original spec sheets and manuals. I’m one of two owners, the original owner having been my wife’s uncle, so it’s been kept in the same family. If you know me on here, you’ll know that I painstakingly keep her meticulous, having had a full correction, detail and 3 year ceramic coating applied only in March 2021 and all alloys refurbished and powder coated in May 2020 (still perfect today).

You’ll note that a service undertaken in 2019 is showing as ‘Amber’ and therefore late, which annoys me as I wasn’t able to book in with BMW in a reasonable timescale so it was 31 days past due when a simple oil change service was undertaken!!

Get in touch for more details. Mobile 07795 606487.
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D3 F30 No. 84

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