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Post by vblanche » Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:00 am

Charles wrote: he is planning to arrange for a couple of their technicians to go to Buchloe and get properly trained up. He is very keen to offer a specialist Alpina service team (but at normal prices)
Hello, any update on this subject? cheers, Vince

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Post by Charles » Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:50 am

vblanche wrote:
Charles wrote: he is planning to arrange for a couple of their technicians to go to Buchloe and get properly trained up. He is very keen to offer a specialist Alpina service team (but at normal prices)
Hello, any update on this subject? cheers, Vince

Gosh - that's from a very long time ago!

Grahem has moved on from the service team - as far as the used car section! (and a great job he is doing there).

Tim is the new service manager and I have had several long chats with him about supporting ALPINA owners. He is just as committed to this and I believe that a number of owners have used NOG recently - to their satisfaction.

I don't believe any of the technicians have been over to Buchloe but I know that the entire service team are completely attuned to the specialist elements of ALPINAs. They will always cross-reference any diagnosis with Buchloe - either via the online system or directly through emails and phone calls.

To put it bluntly, NOG have recognised the value in looking after ALPINA owners and you are guaranteed good service, sensible prices and honesty. Of course there will be occasional mistakes (we are all only human) but they are the first to recognise when they have got something wrong and will resolve the issue rather than adamantly and stubbornly refusing to accept that they are in any way at fault.

I guess it helps that I drop in very regularly and take a keen interest in anything from Buchloe that happens to be awaiting TLC but, more importantly, the service team WANT to help - so give them a go.
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Post by I_MNL » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:24 am

Any more news on the servicing front?
How are Sytner branches now?

Just for us new girls and boys to get an idea :oops:
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Post by PerryGunn » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:02 pm

Yes, and if anyone in the West Sussex area has any recommendations, I'd be very pleased to hear them. Are Munich Legends still good?

My local BMW dealers (Chandler's Worthing) don't seem to see many Alpinas so I may have to venture further afield to get the Roadster its regular 'Health Spa' visits
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Sytner Sheffield

Post by paulbraden2010 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:11 pm

Well firstly never ever go to Stratstone Doncaster, as you car will invariably come back damaged in some way. After numerous incidents and problems they did not solve on my E92 330d, they respectfully requested that i go to another dealership! Hows that for BMW Customer Service, but that is in the past thank goodness.

But as a result of my 'going to another dealership' i now use Sytner Sheffield, and have been very very happy with the service, they can not do enough for you, well thats my experience. The first time I pulled up in my B10, a few staff came out to have a look at the car and were genuinely interested, i believe that they have quiet well established/long serving technicians. When I ever speak to the technicians, especially John Harrison, he is exceptionally knowledgeable. I always deal with Stephen Brown, as regards prices, I feel that they look after me, for example, when I had the transmission fluid changed, the dealership did it all for £225, with courtesy car and mine returned valeted. I did ring up the local Indy, Quarry Motors, who wanted £300!

I would also like to mention the parts dept too, as they have been providing me with bits for my E30 restoration project at above BMWCC discount!

So I am very happy with Sytners and will continue to use them for both cars, once the E30 is finished (mainly to keep fully dealership service)


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Post by JohnW » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:40 am

Williams BMW Group - Bolton Branch

ALPINA knowledge:

Did they know what one was?
No, Service Assistant was even surprised to see the different Alpina badge on the fob when taken to read it. I was really surprised too, this is supposed to be a main dealer.

Know about the model?
No, had to be told by more experienced staff how to code in the service details into the system individually, I wanted all fluid changes as the car had a chequered service past, didn't know the model and that it was based on a 335i.

Know about the ethos etc?
No, when I asked what oil grade had been put in the engine, went away and returned with the reply 10W30 :shock: . I have written to the Service Manger to confirm and will update here when I have a definitive answer.

Welcome given - how you as the owner was treated?
Good, always friendly.

Problem solving?
Not good, I have yet to have a response from their Service Manager re the 10W30 SLX allegedly put in the engine.

Costs - how much, did you feel ripped off, felt fine etc?
With loyalty discounts was around £550 for all the fluids - oil, brake fluid, coolant, oil filter and new set of plugs.

Bonuses - valeted the car, free stuff, courtesy car etc?
Carried out the Security update for free, wash and vac.

Bolton, 10 miles NW of Manchester, just out of Bolton.

I may try another franchise dealer in future. There are a few decent indys in and around Manchester too so I'm told.

I received a friendly reply from the Service Manager confirming the oil was in fact 0W30 and they had this incorrect. The error has been corrected on the system and I have been given a litre of 0W30 with their compliments. So a good outcome in the end.
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