Why did YOU buy an Alpina?

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Post by Paulb » Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:02 am

I've only just seen this thread, so here goes - it's going to be a long read, get comfy!

Over my car ownership time i've generally chopped and changed cars every few years (with the exception of the Sierra Cosworth 3 door that still resides in my garage). At the time my current chariot was an W211 E320 CDI. It was like driving your front room around, it had everything you could wish for, comfy seats, all the toys etc. I'd had it 7 years, more than twice the length of time of my previous longest car that got written off by a wagon so finding a replacement for it was a bit tough.

I'd previously had BMW 5 series, was spoilt by the service at Batemans BMW and still wanted to deal with those guys there and not Merc. So the search began. We tested countless numbers of 5 series and new shape E class Mercs, but just none hit the mark, they were either harsh and noisy or lacked any sort of refinement in the finish.

So I got invited to join a European jaunt visiting the great passes like the Grosglockner, Stelvio etc. On that tour was a chap I met and got to know well who had an Alpina D3 mono turbo. Got chatting as i'd never come across them before, had a little drive of it and was impressed. So got back and started the search for a Bi-turbo.

Was a little taken aback at the lack of toys in them but found one advertised in Peterborough - couldn't be much further away from me. Spoke with the chap over the phone, pics sent a plenty to me and I went down to visit. Took the car out for a drive, phoned a friend to ask advice on a few things, phoned another to run other bits. In the end made an offer and to cut it short here I am with the car.

So why did I chose the Alpina after the best part of two years searching which saw me also consider cars such as the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Merc E classes, BMW 5's, Maserati's even a Merc C class!

The first win was how quiet the cabin was. I'd test driven the Msport 320D and it was harsh, noisy and very twitchy so wasn't looking forward to the test drive that much but was more than impressed with how it handled, how willing it was to accelerate and how well it went around corners. The seats were comfy (when you managed to get the manual seat adjusted to your liking), the driving position was great, all in all a mor ethan suitable replacement.

So after two years of ownership that seemed to have passed very quickly I find myself for the very first time, ordering a new car. A thing I'd always said i'd never do, yet since the announcement of the new F31 D3 Bi-turbo I'd said I have to have one.

That brings me to where I am now, F31 D3 BT ordered and due Oct/Nov.
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Post by MadMax » Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:01 am

So, newbie here exploring the site and saw this thread.

My background in cars was a "slow burner" due to lack of or shortage in funds - young family etc, etc.

Via an XR2 mk2 and 4l Jeep Cherokee, I finally landed in Subaru Impreza's (yes, I know not a great image but great drivers cars). They met my needs of family run about and w/e toy to drive hard. Got up to an STi8 after a standard turbo. That was running 265bhp out the box and was a fine car. Roll on divorce and lacking funds to run the car ensued so it was sold, a new house purchased resulting in a Saab 93, a TVR for play (still got), a Honda CRV and on to a Focus. Now I'm more settled financially and the Focus was ready to change I decide I was hungry for the power of my old scoobs. There's a lot around that can match the scoob power wise that are better put together - I'm older now and creature comforts are equal to power and speed. The car needed to be engaging so looked at Audi S3, Honda Civic TypeR, Golf R etc, etc. I've always liked the look and power of Alpina's but never researched them much. I did loads of research / homework and decided I NEEDED a D3 BiTurbo to satisfy my power/comfort requirements. The "rarity" factor was another great appeal for me. I would love the 3l variety but funds wouldn't allow, so the search for a 2l began. All the reviews and road test reports I read suggested the auto the better option. There were a few I saw on Autotrader and fleabay that I liked and were in my price range. I'd got a shortlist of 4 or 5 that didn't require a long journey (within 50miles). Colour was very important to me because aesthetics are high on my list of requirements too. I went to see one near Measham - looked great in the add and description, however when I got there it was clear there'd been offside rear quarter paint work repairs that the lacquer was poor and there was some scuffs/damage to the piano black centre console. Both could be fixed but I didn't warm to the dealer so walked away. I was then going to head to Leeds/Wakefield to view a couple when I found one advertised just 10 miles down the road. It was blue with cream leather interior and looked stunning. Seeing the car in the flesh and I could see it was a good straight one owner car. Negotiations began and the dealer produced the history file and the paperwork looked like it had been ironed - another indicator that the car had been cared for as well as owned. Deal done. As I paid the deposit, another bloke turned up to see the Alpina - I can't see there being loads of folks looking for them so I was lucky and happy to have snapped this one up. Had it coming up to one week now so not loads of miles under my belt but I'm overjoyed with it and can see this being in my ownership for many years.

Thanks for reading if you've got this far.


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