CDS - and why I suffer bad !

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Post by rcshott » Sat Jun 13, 2009 4:00 am

Ahhh, the memories...

Some young blokes sometimes miss smoeink!

I Left school age 13 (Thirteen!...God forbid), to begin carpentry apprentitship. Now 64 I've been 'round the planet 4 times...through 19 countries (& counting).

I've been paid to shoot people. All legal & no jail time....compliments of my Governments' approval.

Ran several succesfull building & consultancy companies, was an absolute DUNCE at school but have got through over 50 years of working life WITHOUT THE ELECTRONIC STUFF.


I recall the day in 81 when discharged from the Army, WHAT A STEEP LEARNING CURVE TO "SOCIETY THAT WAS".

Anyway, 2+2 R8....Done'IT? :wink: I can't spell either!

In 1957...There were no;
Hand held calculators
Phones. Other than "the big black wall mounted "winder" where everybody on the same line could listen to you
No mobile-electronic-battery operated-etc phones)
Electronic money tils'
TV in shop windows only (not available in homes)
V8's had been for 30 years (Ford Piolet etc)
Super Constillation (prop driven) passenger air liners
The QE1 still operating
Sputnik (saw it the first night it flew over in 1958)
No computers smaller than a house
Petrol @10 pence per litre (I think) as we didn't have metric for another 9 years
News papers were full of news, not adverts

We (Oz) only got regonal power to towns in 1933...etc, etc, etc

The point is that we all got through that without a worry. The "new-fangled computer" was said to save whole forests of trees...less paper use! Duh!

Anyway, many modcons ARE good but I use them spareingly as they do tend to run ones life a bit. And cost money to run and maintain.
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Post by seenthelight » Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:16 pm

Really well said, Jim. I think your comments are absolutely spot-on and I suspect that is the end of this thread.

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