4/6/7 -Does Google have too much money / time on it's hands?

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Post by Richy_Boy » Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:00 pm

nealpina wrote: C$ only works if you’re an authentic user. I also take that to mean that you have not used Vista yet as you need to enable C$ :wink:
Yes, and most OEM XP PC's come with a blank admin password... so you authenticate as username = administrator password = <blank>

I'm aware it has been fixed in Vista and yes, I waste hours trying to get the thing to work properly every week. (i.e. setting up demonstrations using various portal and app server software, like Websphere etc). Not to mention the amount of indexing, backing up and scanning that goes on seems to bring any decent spec laptop to its knees (from hard drive utilization/capacity).

My point about the OEM install with blank passwords was that when you buy a pc.. say from PC World, you go though the wizard and it asks you to create a username (2000 and XP specifically) - you do.. say "richard" and then put in a password.

How is Mr Z supposed to know there is even such thing as an admin account sitting there, unlocked as standard without a password? Seems very poor design of the software to even allow this to happen. It should insist you put in a strong password for the admin account before even creating a user account.

Ubuntu for example doesn't even have a root account enabled unless you specifically give it a password.
nealpina wrote:Microsoft only scans and logs your computer if there is a licensing issue, such as, it has not passed the Windows Genuine Advantage.
I would personally see that as being an invasion of privacy.

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Post by nealpina » Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:37 pm

To be honest mate I’m so bored of this now!
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