Saturday 18th November 2006 -Commercialisation of everything

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Saturday 18th November 2006 -Commercialisation of everything

Post by neil » Sun Nov 19, 2006 1:46 am

Following on from Andy's comments about Haloween and my own experience today in town you can't help thinking we're on a highway to nowhere

You can't help thinking we're like moths to light. I walked through the ground floor of John Lewis this afternoon and was amazed at people semmingly picking up any tat they could get there hands on - Every shop seem to have the xmas specials - lovely gift boxed things you wouldn't ever buy for yourself but somehow convince yourself the person you're buying will.

Then you have the flip side you are trying to buy the 'in' toys or rather the reverse the "not in" / not available toys. My wife was telling me how she'd managed to secure the last so-and-so from Amazon that had sold out in toys-r-us for a slightly inflated price. Turns out the day after she was looking on Amazon again and they're were some more available but at get this twice the normal price ! I've had my mum and dad on the phone virtually all day trying to find a present for my girls - trying this store, that store / this store in another part of town / this store in another town !

I then was wisked off to a local Garden centre as the mrs had booked some tickets to see Santa. She'd popped in in the morning around 10am and managed to get tickets for half past four ! We returned on mass and proceed through the very large shop - massive in fact which was completely filled with Christmas stuff - Amazing to think we all need so much stuff.... Santa was fine - but failed to ask me what I wanted (probably knew I'd already had mine :) )

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Post by L8 ALPINA » Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:43 pm

I agree with you neil and its only November 22. By the time Christmas is actually here everybody is well pi553d off with the whole idea.

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Post by v8 ego » Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:37 am

And for that very reason we get all of our Xmas shopping by the first week in November. I love the build up to Xmas but until recently with the arrival of Ellie, I was the youngest generation in the family and you have to run round trying to keep everyone happy!!

I don't dp town centre shopping in December or Jnaury as I would probably be looking at a 25 stretch :twisted:


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