FREE - ONE Michelin Pilot Sport - 245/35ZR19 tyre only

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FREE - ONE Michelin Pilot Sport - 245/35ZR19 tyre only

Post by TonyS » Sun May 01, 2022 4:02 pm

When I had a double puncture a while back, I replaced all 4 with PS4S's, and I was originally keeping this one just in case I got an odd puncture, but I now think I would at least get a new pair anyway !

To specify ... its FREE, if you come and pick it up from my place on the Beds-Herts border.
It is a "Michelin Pilot Sport" with date code "4714" so was made in week 47 of 2014.
The size & markings are: "245/35 ZR 19 ( 93Y ) Extra Load".

I have 'lost' my tyre depth gauge, but my steel rule suggests it has between 4 to 4.5 mm tread and it appears completely undamaged and NOT perished/cracking.

... it is taking up space in my garage, so any takers ?
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