Last week US Ford Edge

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Last week US Ford Edge

Post by MikeR » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:50 am

Think it was a 3.5 petrol? HUGE twin exhausts for a SUV hire car! Quite comfy, quiet etc - ideal for driving past a corn field in Illinois for 5 hours...

Got pulled over in the evening by a highway patrol, guns'n'all....turns out that the "daytime running lights" give full and dipped main beam, speedo lights etc (not steering buttons - should have twigged), but not rear lights...

He was fine, even asked if we were over to enjoy the golf, one day after the Ryder Cup finished!

ade and liz flint
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Post by ade and liz flint » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:10 am

I've recently seen a few DRL-equipped cars over here in exactly that rear lights when it's dark :shock: That's the problem with all these 'driver aids' - it still needs a driver to realise he needs to switch stuff 'on' :lol: Bet the hire co didn't tell you that, though ;-)

I did similar 'large floaty bargey car-like thingy' journies along through Ohio a few times @@@, and a trip along the Trans-Canadian Highway in the snow. It's incredibly tedious as hour after hour of similar landscape just drifts slowly-by whilst you're driving a dullsmobile fat-arse transportation device........
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