BMW 2002 tii with some BMW Chiswick/Alpina options

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BMW 2002 tii with some BMW Chiswick/Alpina options

Post by dlacey » Wed Feb 14, 2024 3:05 am

Hey All,
I don't think my BMW qualifies as a proper Alpina, as it wasn't built in Buchloe, but it's got some interesting early Alpina bolt on options from the "Sport Parts" division of BMW concessionaires back in 1973.
It's a May 1973 BMW 2002 tii in black, specified from new with the 5sp box, LSD, alloy airdam, quarter bumpers, electric sunroof, borrani/CMR wheels and Scheel seat, Woodrim Wheel and Alpina gear knob... I think it had that spec from new.
MotorSport magazine from February '73 says " BMW Concessionaires have...announced new deals ...for conversion and tuning equipment" in conjunction with their involvement in Group 1 and Group 2 racing. Seems they offered Alpina, Mathwall Engineering and Mangoletsi equipment.

I bought the car from a guy Leonard in Kent in 1996, a letter by Leonard came with it, here's a section of that: "Early in 1973 the then managing director of BMW Chiswick required a new car, preferably the then new light weight 3 litre coupe. However these were in short supply and he was not allows to have one. He therefore decided to order a 2 litre car “with everything” and requested the alpina. This took six months to arrive by which time he was able to have the light weight coupe.
Thr Alpina was used briefly as a demo, car by BMW before being seen by John Cox who preferred it to the coupe he was thinking of buying in place of the Aston Martins he had previously owned..
A year or so later John moved to the country and I was able to purchase the Alpina from him with about 12,000 on the clock.
John was able to inform me that, apart from the information above, the car had been built mechanically by Alpina to include a high lift cam, LSD with altered rear axle ratios, a split front bumper with an air dam, rally driver’s seat, wood and aluminium steering wheel, 5 speed close ratio gear box and an electric sun roof

Here's some pics of the car taken in late '90s:

The engine has never been apart, it looks like a standard 2002 tii engine, I have looked for Alpina stampings and find none, I did ask Buchloe some years back and they have no record of that VIN. goes much better than other 2002tii's I have driven...seems more responsive and powerful than the standard maybe there's an Alpina cam and some modified injection there.

The reason I mention it here is because I want to ask for your help in getting a scanned copy of BMW Concessionaires "Sport Parts" Catalogue from 1973. There was some discussion of a similar catalogue here: ... hp?t=21265
And the actual catalogue here: ... 993/page-2

These docs show especially the alloy front air dam... When I contact specialists they tell me all Alpina airdams were glass fibre...but mine is alloy and looks same as in the catalogue. Just wanting a good scan to prove I am not so crazy.

I am currently living in Malaysia and working in semiconductor industry... I am lucky to have 3 2002s including one original 2002 turbo (which has its own interesting history)

Any info on this Sport Parts outfit and what was offered when would be most interesting!

Thanks for reading,


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