D3 Bi Turbo engine N47 Power loss EGR delete ?

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D3 Bi Turbo engine N47 Power loss EGR delete ?

Post by Rossco1962 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:39 am

Hi folks, i've come to the conclusion my D3 is down on power but without any fault codes that bring on the ECU / Limp mode feature i'm loathed to hand the car over to a gargare as the garage i spoke to said it was £65 to plug it in and start the investigation hence i'd like to find out accurately the cause of the power loss.

I spoke with a DPF cleaning guy who said he could sort the problem out as he suspected the EGR was the fault but also added he wanted £250 to clean it or £350 to do a full clean and there is still no guarantee this will resolve the issue.

I did look at having a go to remove and clean the EGR myself but access isn't easy hence is it worth deleting the EGR and also having the swirl flaps removed and if so where is a good place to get this work done. Im based near Portsmouth.

I'f i buy a EGR blanking kit will i need to get it remapped to get the ECU to ignore any faults from the EGR etc



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Re: D3 Bi Turbo engine N47 Power loss EGR delete ?

Post by Charles » Sun Oct 06, 2019 1:41 pm

Be aware that the latest MOT rules include a specific check on deletion of the DPF.

For me, money spent on fault diagnosis is probably well spent given a number of possible causes to help you narrow the focus. You could get your own fault code reader but I suspect it will cost more than the £65 quoted by the garage.
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Re: D3 Bi Turbo engine N47 Power loss EGR delete ?

Post by DonFlintoni » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:40 pm

Down on power normally means power is being restricted by ECU. Usual suspect is blocked DPF. When the DPF is #50% blocked the engine restricts power so as not to accelerate the DPF blocking.

Id recommend taking it to get the codes read and take it from there.

Regarding swirl flaps - yes good idea to get them deleted. As for EGR - take it off and clean it by all means but dont delete.
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Re: D3 Bi Turbo engine N47 Power loss EGR delete ?

Post by Henry » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:28 pm

I’m definitely in the "get a decent fault code reader" corner. You won’t get a decent one for £65 but that’s assuming your only ever going to need to read the codes once. Personally had great results with Foxwell 510/520, INPA on a laptop. Both of which will do live data.
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