B3 3.3 Aux air pump on startup

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B3 3.3 Aux air pump on startup

Post by Rav » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:41 am

Hi All.

Over the summer I was concious that the Aux air pump on startup made a particular noise.

Now in winter, the car no longer makes this noise. Should I be concerned that the car is no longer making this sound?

I have recently had the air intake manifold off and perhaps have broken something?

Te car is not struggling to start and is running fine. Any ideas?
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Post by Charles » Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:38 am


If you are talking about the air pump that runs for 30-45 seconds on cold start up, then this is pumping air into the exhaust to help with emissions and so any work on the inlet manifold is unlikely to affect it.

From experience, as these items getting older, the rivets that hold down the top section weaken and the unit whines and vibrates when running. This can be tested by placing your hand on top of the pump unit and gently pressing down. If the rivets are loosening then this gentle pressure will stop the noises.

If you want to know whether the pump is running properly then the best way to check is to have the bonnet open on cold start and listen near the pump. It will be obvious if it is running or not.

If you need to replace it then consider getting one from a breaker's yard as they are quite pricey new.

Hope this helps

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