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Ok we have one - here's an opportunity to have one - if you got a point of view about something and want to share it - here's where you do it.
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Philrose wrote:I enjoy reading posts that are in plain English, as it were. Could it be a reflection on the sort of person who is an Alpina owner. Perhaps a little more mature, definately not a boy racer ( that would be BMW M territory) and well used to the finer things in life.
All said somewhat tongue in cheek :lol: :lol: :lol:
100% agree Sir :)

Alpina attract a certain sort of person, with particular taste and outlook. I believe this is nicely demonstrated by the contributors and posts on here.
This is not intended to infer any superiority complex, or arrogance, just a particular discerning/refined taste.

Definitely keep the forum as it is, it works perfectly.
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