B10 - Goodwood Tweet

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B10 - Goodwood Tweet

Post by Arvi » Fri May 31, 2019 3:45 pm

Just spotted this via the Goodwood Twitter page

https://www.goodwood.com/grr/columnists ... n-the-90s/

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Re: B10 - Goodwood Tweet

Post by 190Colditz » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:32 pm

Interesting but he's wrong: the E46 is the best BMW ever made, here's why.

The E30 was seen as "the driver's car"; the benchmark for tail out controllability and set the small saloon reputation. Then came the E36: an absolute monster seller and outright king of the company car car-park that sold in huge numbers to fund.... the E46.

The E46 had such better build quality than the E36 it was like night and day (I went from one to the other (new) and have had 2 E39s - one spanking new and one a 3.3. B10 Touring) - from the suspension set up to the interior materials used (which had to be far better than the E36 to match the new Audi A4 which in terms of mid-size car had taken internal build to a level way above anything before it) and even the complexity of the panel pressing - all developed in a period when there were only a few "premium" choices in this, or any other, sector. The E46 was the last BMW to get the development budget that was provided by its massively successful predecessor.

The E90 sold in greater numbers but the quality was sacrificed to gain market share through pricing and because the market had changed a lot with the advent of the "premium hatch" (probably Audi's fault again with the A3) the 1-series not only stole sales from the 3-series but more importantly for this issue stole / shared the development budget.

The main issues (as I'm sure you all know) with E46s relate to the rear box section subframe that gets overstressed and causes cracks in the floor and some inner wing rot (we are still running a '99 car with no such issues). Rust is rust but the stress is caused by some skimped welding which would be OK if it wasn't for one thing: the drivetrains on the E46 are all so strong they cause a lot of the stress because at some point a driver has played at Carlos Reutermann once too often which is why the E46 M3 is the most common failure example in E46s.

The E46 is such a nice looking example too that this year it's likely another one will join our family. I just can't get on with the newer ones, E92 M3 in Java Green aside.
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Re: B10 - Goodwood Tweet

Post by PhillV8S » Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:34 am

I see the articles main picture is of my old B10, wonder where that went to?
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