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Post by Norrie » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:47 am

Yes, thank you it is Crystal now.
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Post by PerryGunn » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:19 pm

E24man wrote:
AG wrote:Thanks Charles, reason I asked was Norries first few words in his opening gambit
"This register as the official ALPINA register for the BMW Car Club GB Limited"
I am concerned about this too; Norrie, can you explain your comment please?
Perhaps the banner on the home page contributes to the confusion...?

That, to me, indicates that the Register is an 'Official' part of BMW CCGB - perhaps it's in need of an update...?
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Post by Charles » Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:30 pm

PerryGunn wrote:Perhaps the banner on the home page contributes to the confusion...?

That, to me, indicates that the Register is an 'Official' part of BMW CCGB - perhaps it's in need of an update...?
Very helpful - thank you.

When there was an Alpina register within BMWCCGB, this forum/register was linked to it - mainly because members on the club register were also members here. This banner is from that era.

The club register then died a death for a while and is now beginning to be resurrected, but in a more informal basis (as explained above).

As such, whilst this forum is officially recognised by ALPINA UK and Buchloe, it is informally associated with BMWCCGB. To that end, the banner needs tweaking appropriately.
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Post by neil » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:00 pm

Hi all

Charles is correct - just to add further clarification, this site was independently created by myself and had a life all of its own outside of the BMW Car Club for quite a long time during which it was recognised by both ALPINA GB and ALPINA themselves as the UK owners club.

When the BMW car club wanted to become more active for ALPINAs owners I was approached and this resulted in a informal relationship between the club and the website whereby became the official web presence of the BMW Car Club ALPINA register. This dates back many years and as Perry pointed out even went as far as the banner on the main page of the site. In more recent years the relationship with the club has become less active, mainly as a result of people moving on from the BMW Car Club. Having said that there is still a shared desire to provide a great resource + meeting place for UK ALPINA owners. Hence the banner still remains.

Regard Public Indemnity we have typically taken out our own for organised events such as the wet grip days I used to organise or work with ALPINA UK for things like trackdays or our bigger meets.

All other regular / adhoc meets are carried out informally and generally located at pubs or public places and things like public indemnity aren't really necessary.

We've always encouraged our users to organise local events + meet ups and quite often these events have been advertised by the BMW Car Club too. I guess Norrie's post is just pointing out that if someone organises a larger event they need to check with the venue that they are covered.

Finally, for things like Silverstone or Gaydon these are more BMW Car Club official events so we merely advertise the event and provide a way of communicating information and tracking attendees etc.

Hope that clarifies things


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