Winter Wheels set (Used on E91 D3 Bi-Turbo) - Aftermarket

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Winter Wheels set (Used on E91 D3 Bi-Turbo) - Aftermarket

Post by » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:27 pm


I sold my D3 Bi-Turbo last summer, kept my winter wheels for my F34 but they don't fit (M-Sport Brakes).

They are not Alpina/BMW Original. I just wanted some good metal to cover the winter months, had them with my car for most of the 8 years I owned it, on many drives to the continent.

The design is TSW Mugello.

The spec is 17" x 8J, pretty sure it's ET35, 5x120. My intent was to get as close to factory wheel spec as possible (which I think was all the same but ET34).

They do have kerb rash, and some surface bubbling round the center cap, so would benefit from a refurb cosmetically. However, no impacts/cracks etc so still a perfectly functional wheel set.

The tyres are Michelin Alpin A4, 225/50R17. They have 5-6mm all round, however one wheel has uneven wear on the inner shoulder. It's still legal but would need replacing before the others, and that wheel probably needs re-balancing.

The wheels are currently in Gloucester. I can arrange to have them up with me in Manchester City Centre, or with my brother in Shropshire if that suits anyone better for viewing.

I'm under no illusion, the wheels aren't worth much alone, but feel the tyres should have something in them, and hopefully the combined setup can be of use. If there was a few hundred quid in it, I'd be very happy, it'd help offset the grand I've laid down for my new set. I'm realistic to it being a subjective market though.

Detailed pics at:



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Post by ali » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:48 pm

Would you be able to wrap them in bin bags or similar if I were to arrange a courier to Edinburgh ?
How much is a few hundred?
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Hi Ali,

Not meaning to be evasive, but I said it like that because I'm not really sure. I guess it's the same as when I sold the car, a bigger number I'd agree straight away, a smaller one I'd want to hold out and see what other interest there was. £350 would be a done deal.

It's shocking the price of my new setup, the TPMS sensors cost as much again as the wheels themselves!

I can order some pallet/shrink wrap off ebay to wrap them in properly, then pad the face of the alloy too. Should be ok for courier. Assume they'd want them wrapped individually not as a stack. I think the courier job would be pretty pricey though! I don't know the weight either I'm afraid, and not back home to weigh them.

I could get the wheels upto Manchester (maybe even Carlisle on a weekend if you chucked in some Diesel), if you could meet. Would have to be before end of Jan though when I leave Manch permanently.
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Post by Simon Rose » Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:39 am

Will they fit on my d3?
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I assume from your signature you mean an F31 D3, mine was E91.

I can't advise for sure, I'd recommend trying.

As far as I can see the setup is technically correct for an F31. ... _chart/bmw

That link shows 17" wheels using 225/50. The offset is slightly different but they are 7.5 wheels. The 18" wheel options using an 8" wheel (and same width tyre) have the same ET34 offset my car had. So fit, ride, alignment wise I believe it should be fine.

The question will be brake calipers. The E91 used standard BMW brakes, the reason I've had to change wheels because my F34 BMW is M-Sport Plus with the Blue brake upgrade. If the Alpina has that then a 17" wheel won't fit.

EDIT: From what I can see in pics of the F31 D3 it does have 'Blue Brakes' although badge Alpina. I believe these are the M-Sport brake.

I would recommend reading the tyre pressure card in the car. Most online sites will show 17" and even 16" wheels for F31's, but only the car spec (including the tyre card) will show the specifics for that model and factory setup. If the manufacturer winter setup is 18" it's unlikely that any 17" will fit.

I notice you're in Ilford. I'm working in Suffolk for next 3 weeks, travelling back n forth to Gloucs each week. I don't have storage to have them all with me for the week, but could bring 1 over for you to test fit. If you have the brake clearance you should be good to go.

Other people might already know the answer on the 17" vs 18" debate.
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