2012 B7 sways when accerlerating - help?

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2012 B7 sways when accerlerating - help?

Post by bfv01 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:22 pm


I have a 2012 B7 and the rear of the car sways when I accelerate. Rocks back and forth a bit almost like I'm floating then stabilizes. While at cruising speed and at any speed it doesn't do it. I can be doing 30 or 100 and its stable but when I hit the gas to speed up and then let off the gas to cruise I feel this rocking back and forth for a second.

Any advice on what this could be? I had the rear bearings/bushings inspected and those are intact and not cracked. I have 4 new tires, balanced and alignment done and made sure all 4 rims are free from bends. I had to do these things anyway as it was time for them but the issue was there before all this work and after with no change.

is there any rear stabilizer bar or electronic stabilizer within the rear end of the car?

Any insight would be helpful. The stealership quoted $2,400 for rear bearing replacements. Claimed they were cracked when they are not. Took it to two other mechanics who said they were fine and no cracks.

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