Fxx D3/D4 - What to look for?

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Fxx D3/D4 - What to look for?

Post by churchie386 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 10:26 pm

Besides all the usual used car buying tips, are there things one should specifically look for on a used D3/D4?

Is there a way a BMW dealer can interogate the condition of the DPF? Life remaining ...
Check the correct tyres? Michelin, but are these BMW/Aplina specific. (I bought a E90 D3 BT from Sytners Sheffield years ago which I discovered a week later had wrong load index tyres on the rear!)
What useful info can one glean from the onboard service history? Does it say number of miles left on brakes discs and pads? Otherthings to check ..

Guidance very much appreciated.

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